GSM-cloud based tracking system

Traceroute is a cost effective fleet management system, which enables fleet/logistics operators, corporates, government agencies etc. to manage, monitor and control their vehicles and fleets. The use of GSM, GPS and LBS allows for tracking of the vehicles anytime and anywhere thus providing continuous realtime data. The solution comprises of two main components; the mobile tracking unit (mtu) and the powerful Traceroute web application. The mtu is a GPS and GSM enabled hardware which can also interface with other external devices like temperature sensors. The mtu uses the gprs or the sms services to send the collected data across the network. The traceroute web application is then used to visualise the real time fleet data and is cloud based.

Web Application Features

The TRACEROUTE web application is offered as a service over the cloud. This makes it possible to provide the data on demand to the users anytime anywhere provided they are connected to internet and have the authority to access the data. This application interfaces with the different MTUs on the field and keeps a track of their movements and behaviour. Following are the basic features provided in the Traceroute web application.

  • Real time tracking of vehicles on map
  • Real time tracking of sensor values like temperature
  • User Management
  • Alarms and alerts
  • Route Management
  • Graphical and tabular reports
  • History Data
  • Filters and Search
  • Data Transformation – Exporting data to excel
  • Closely monitor and control the fleet over internet
  • Organize and manage fleet efficiently
  • Improve staff productivity and save time
  • Avoid dependency on employees for information
  • Aids in quick and timely decision making and error correction
  • Helps to control misuse and malpractice of assets